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Retrofit Replacement Heat Pumps has been Oakwood Air Ltd. business Since 1963. G7 HVAC is active an active manufactures repetitive in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry specializing in Heat Pumps serving the multi-family housing and Hi-Rise  condominium and apartment sector. Every aging  building is looking for  and requires an energy efficient solution to their HVAC system. As the company expanded Oakwood Air Ltd. changed direction and began manufacturing air conditioning equipment under the brand name and HEATWAVE . The efforts where focused on manufacturing air conditioning equipment that was no longer distributed by the original manufacturer. Today, manufacturing air conditioning equipment for the Commercial and Residential market is Oakwood Air Ltd. primary business. Providing the HVAC industry with quality manufactured air conditioning &retrofit replacement heat pumps and water sourced HVAC equipment at a competitive price is G7 HVAC Inc. primary company goal.

Direct replacement, new construction, retro-fit replacement units  and equipment

With collective efforts between representative and manufacturer – Cool Cat Heat Pumps  retrofit replacement heat pumps are available to contractors servicing the multifamily housing business as a mechanical contractor. G7 has many years experience providing service and installation to the condominium and apartment sector. Efforts where focused on manufacturing air conditioning equipment that was no longer distributed by the original manufacturer. Integrating serviceability and minimal site modification reduce installation time and increase your bottom line.

Providing the HVAC industry with quality manufactured air conditioning & heat pump equipment at a competitive price is G7’s company goal. Currently Oakwood Air Ltd. manufactures replacement air conditioners and heat pumps to replace many existing Singer, Climate Master, Florida Heat Pump, Carrier, Slant-fin and other air conditioning equipment no longer offered by the original manufacturer.

ClimateMaster 816

Units produced as replacements are designed to fit into the exact space as the old units. Performance and efficiencies are improved as well as any improvements that allow for increased serviceability. All custom manufactured equipment is designed and tested to meet today's standards and ship complete with all required certifications.

If your market has a niche product or application and competing with currently offered products is not the best fit, allow G7 to assist you with a custom manufactured Cool Cat Heat Pump product.

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Self contained packages (1 - 25 tons)

Cool Cat Heat Pumps offers a complete line of vertical self-contained water cooled air conditioners and heat pumps. Designed to be installed on a floor stand or slab floor, the low profile cabinet permits the units to be installed where space is limited and are excellent for new and retrofit applications. All units are shipped factory charged with 410A and equipped ready for installation and start-up

Designed to be tied into existing cooling towers, mains or glycol loops. Installed utilizing existing duct runs or as a standalone unit complete with a discharge air plenum provides versatility when applied in existing buildings. Single point power connection allows for individual metering.

Engineered for durability, serviceability and ease of installation, the Heatwave "Cool Cat Heat Pumps" series are equipped with these standard features...................

Standard Cool Cat Heat Pump Series Features

Vertical or horizontal evaporator discharge option (15,20 & 25 ton models only)
•Factory installed water regulating valve (cooling only models)
•Available as a heat pump or cooling only
•Forward curved, double inlet and double width centrifugal blowers
•Stainless steel water regulating valves
•Removable panels allows service access to all components
•Schraeder fittings on suction and liquid lines
•Durable Hermetic style Compressors -5 year warranty as standard
•Twin compressor circuits for 7 1/2, 10, 15, 20 & 25 ton models
•Filter drier (15-25 ton models)
•Site glass
•High and low pressure cut-out switches
•Acoustically insulated cabinet
•Durable "powder-coated" cabinet
•2" thick medium efficiency through away filters
•Listed with ENTELLA, and MEA

Cool Cat Heat Pump Options

•Discharge air plenum
•Hot gas by-pass
•Oversized evaporator motors
•High pressure water regulating valves
•Anti short cycle timers
•Return air grill
•Heresite coated coils
•Hot water & steam coils
•Stainless steel drain pans
•Custom modifications and alterations
•Cupronickel condenser coils

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