The World’s Only Line of 100% Recyclable Air Filters

Delta M Inc. sustainable air filtration products and services provides a 100% Recyclable Filter Technology Program that meets the needs of most customer’s preforming preventative maintenance services to telecom and HVAC equipment. Each Delta M Inc. filter you use contributes to a defined environmental ROI. With a 100% Waste diversion program, you are guaranteed to reduce your current carbon foot print, and reach your carbon reduction goals.

Our strength is in the durable design that allows our air filters dozens of exchanges with no compromise to quality. Our filters are regenerated to meet ASHRAE standards each and every time.

Blowing the whistle on "bad" for the environment disposable filters and  reducing landfill waste.

100% Recyclable Filter Technology

Our strength is in the durable design that allows our air filters dozens of exchanges with no compromise to quality. Our filters are regenerated to meet ASHRAE standards each and every time, prior to being returned back to you for installation.

Pick Up Services:

Our customized pick-up service is what our customers expect at the time of filter change outs. We are so dedicated to waste diversion that we even provide the boxes for the return freight. 100% Recyclable Filter Technology and renewable filters contributes to our 100% waste diversion Target.

Air Quality Assessments:

A Delta M Inc. air quality assessment is only a fraction of the industry price. Traditionally assessments have been done reactively. G7 HVAC can assist in creating a cost effective strategy for air quality assessments that provide you with detailed insight to your building’s contaminants. Proactive air quality assessments contribute to healthier, more competitive buildings and create a strong reputation for sustainability.

100% Recyclable Filters & Replacement Filter Program

What makes our award-winning purECOgreen™ filters so unique? They are the world’s first completely recyclable pleated air filters! Our innovative, patented regeneration system allows our filters to be used over and over again while maintaining their performance characteristics and keeping waste out of municipal landfills.

Once a filter has been loaded with dust during normal use it is returned to Delta M where it is returned to a pristine pre-use condition. Our uncompromising quality control process ensures that all of our regenerated
filters are better than new, and are regularly verified by accredited third party laboratories.

The purECOgreen™ Filter Line

The purECOgreen™Filter Line Features

·  A complete line of 100% renewable HVAC air filtration solutions
·  Available in MERV 7, 8, 11, and 13 efficiencies
·  Cutting Edge filtration media, unique to Delta M provides up to 25% greater dust holding capacity.
·  Integrated Sure-Seal™ gasket technology ensures a tight fit and eliminates air by-pass, meaning cleaner coils and lower operating costs.
·  Helps you earn LEED points:
·  Innovation in Operations & Upgrades
· Indoor Environmental Quality
· Materials & Resources - Source reduction & Waste Management
·  Contributes to BOMA BESt / BOMA 360°
·  Energy: proactive air quality assessments
· Waste Reduction
·  Environmentally friendly Purchasing Initiative

Flat Panel Fan Coil & Heat Pump Filters

·  High quality polyester flat panel filters with excellent particulate
trapping capabilities and no fibreglass content.
·  MERV 5 Efficiency as per ASHRAE 52.2 standard and UL/ULC Class 2 approved
·  Synthetic media resists moisture, mould and bacteria
·  Completely recyclable; nothing needs to be thrown away
·  Assists our customers in meeting their waste diversion targets
while decreasing their carbon footprint

Environmental Initiatives

·  At Delta M Inc. we manufacture all of our products in North America from locally-sourced raw materials.
·  The recycling process minimizes the wastage of raw materials.
·  We internally re-use as much as possible, castoff filter media becomes packing material and waste water from the filter regeneration process is run through our internal filtering systems and reused.
·  When sending dirty filters back for regeneration we encourage customers to place the dirty filters into the same Delta M Inc box that they were originally delivered in. This helps to further divert waste from landfills.
·  Our regeneration process uses significantly less energy than the manufacturing process, thereby saving CO2 emissions on every filter regenerated as opposed to manufacturing new ones.
·  Using our filters will significantly aid you in reaching your waste-diversion targets.

purECOgreen™ Recyclable HEPA Filter

The Delta M purECOgreen™ 99.97% HEPA filter represents another step forward in HVAC filtration technology. More sustainable than traditional throw-away HEPA filters, Delta M reuses the majority of its HEPA components so that nothing is unnecessarily wasted or sent to landfill. The Delta M purECOgreen™ HEPA filter is available in all common sizes, with or without headers.
The Delta M purECOgreen™ 99.97% HEPA filter is made in North America from locally sourced parts and are leak tested by an impartial third party lab. When the filters are returned, the media is replaced and the re-used components are sani-tized and returned to pristine condition so more is reused, more is saved, and the reward is a brighter, greener future for everyone.

Recyclable Multi-Pocket Bag Filters

purECOgreen™ recyclable bag filters feature robust synthetic media with zero fiberglass content.
 MERV 13 efficiency according to the ASHRAE 52.2 standard.
 Aluminum frame available with sure-seal™ gasket tech-nology that prevents air bypass, meaning cleaner air and less maintenance costs.
 Initial resistance of 0.20” w.g. @ 500 cfm for a 24x24x22
 Available in all common sizes and depths

How sustainable HVAC practices can be done without increases in economic costs.

Delta M Incorporated recently received the 2013 Earth Charter US Sustainable Business Awards for Innovation.  Delta M’s purECOgreen air filtration was recognized for sustainable business practices through minimal environmental impact since 100% is recycled back to like-new products.  This marks the first time a product from the HVAC industry has won the award, and the only Canadian firm in the world to do so.

Delta M Inc passes expert review for the exclusive GreenFit program

The Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment & Ministry of Research and Innovation announced today that Delta M Incorporated has passed the external review of the purECOgreen™ HVAC filtration products by a panel of industry experts.

In a letter issued to Delta M the Ministry stated “Our external experts have completed their analysis, and advised us that your technology and pilot project concept appear to be viable.”  The Government of Ontario is committed to leveraging its buying power to make Ontario more competitive, innovative, and sustainable. Through its own purchasing, the government is creating opportunities for new green technology companies as they introduce innovative and sustainable solutions into the local and global marketplace.

The statement continued   ”Through GreenFIT, Ministry end-users will provide funding to purchase, demonstrate, and test their innovative green technologies or services. This initiative is an ideal platform for real-world demonstrations of innovative products. Participating in this initiative should increase the company’s potential for expanding into North American and global markets.”

The Ontario government will be among the first to use the innovative green solutions that are part of GreenFIT. Participating in GreenFIT will provide an ideal platform for Delta M to demonstrate the effectiveness of the products to other potential customers in local and international markets.

Delta M Incorporated receives "Gold" at the 2013 (RCO) Recycling Council of Ontario Awards

The World’s leading recyclable filter company, Delta M Incorporated has been awarded a gold sustainable product award at the annual Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) Awards.

This award recognizes outstanding performance from products or services that improve the management of resources, reduce waste, and minimize negative environmental impact over their life cycle.

More than 220 representatives from Ontario businesses and institutions gathered at the Awards Gala which was held this year at the Liberty Grand in Toronto. Various awards were delivered to the province’s leaders and innovators in environmental sustainability.

“We are honoured to be recognized for our product innovation and our commitment to the environment,” says Anders Bygden, Vice President of Sales and Marketing who was on hand to receive the award on behalf of Delta M Incorporated.

This isn’t the first time that Delta M received recognition for its environmental innovation in the HVAC filtration industry. Earlier this year Delta M was awarded the 2013 Earth Charter US Award for sustainable innovation, making them the first air filtration company to have received the award.

This is the third time that Delta M has received recognition from RCO for its contributions to environmental sustainability, having been awarded both Silver and Bronze awards previously.

purECOgreen™ Chosen as Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Magazine

Delta M Incorporated is proud to announce that BUILDINGS magazine has selected purECOgreen™ as a 2014 Money-Saving Product winner.  The purECOgreen™ filter is part of an elite group of 97 products showcased in the magazine’s June 2014 issue.>

 Finalists were evaluated by the BUILDINGS editorial staff for the money-saving qualities they offer to building owners and facility managers in areas such as energy consumption, water savings, lighting, envelope improvement, and maintenance.

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