Conservation Through Integration
  Integrated Mechanical Systems

Conservation of energy via Integrated Mechanical Systems solutions is our business; we are committed to increase our customers bottom line. G7 is a Manufacturer’s Representative offering sustainable cost reducing solutions to large industrial manufactures and commercial process plants; conservation of energy is achieved through integrated mechanical systems  (IMS) utilizing modern thermal technologies and equipment. Our system designs can be referred to as a unique "Thermal Internet",  and are designed to reduce the negative impact on our environment caused by large energy consumers. By integrating mechanical systems, G7 resolves individual Unique customer requirements.

The concept of mechanical system integration is far from new; in fact integrating mechanical equipment with our available natural resources has been practiced for hundreds of years. At a time of global energy cost rising to the highest levels in history,  toxic emissions resulting in global warming and consistent efforts from governments and current energy providers to reduce demand, now is the time for change. Reducing demand specifically in rural areas where existing infrastructure is incapable of further expansion provides the most immediate environmental challenges. G7HVAC represents a group of companies who uniquely offer a sustainable solution catered specifically to any global or regional application.

G7 HVAC Inc. Commitment to our Customers

“To provide unprecedented levels of professionalism,
Setting new standards of customer satisfaction,
Integrating the highest quality equipment, technologies and service,
Deliver real sustainable solutions and measurable results to our customers.”

HVAC is everyone's Business.  (IMS) Integrated Mechanical Systems is G7's Business!

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is most commonly associated with the common residential household air conditioner/furnace, or the mechanical system that provides heating and cooling in a commercial building or multi-residential building. When integrated mechanical systems are applied to large industrial plants and industrial buildings representing high energy consumers, the HVAC system becomes a much larger element of the equation, as it has to work in harmony with the other components of the system. Each individual industrial process can represent a multitude of conditions that are required to be controlled to precise indoor climates and conditions; all the while outdoor varying seasonal conditions greatly affect the HVAC equipment’s efficiency depending on geographical location. G7 represents a group of seven companies – who individually provide a unique technology that contributes to a sustainable environment – combining all technologies into a specifically designed integrated mechanical systems – G7 provides real measureable benefits to not only the environment, but also  to the industrial customers bottom line. 

As a whole, and through collective efforts, we surpass the HVAC industries standards,  as representative's of change we strive for acceptance. Our goal is to continually demonstrate to our valued customers and affiliates a professional company that has prepared themselves at every level to assist with our customers’ needs. A partnership between our company and our customers is how we view our customer relationships. G7 will continue “Building, one building relationship at a time.”

Rising Energy Cost!   Reduce Energy Consumption...Sustainable Solutions....

With the focus of utilizing Cogeneration technology as a solution to reduce cost incurred by high hydro consumers, G7 faced a new challenge. Controlling noise pollution and reducing the emissions produced from fossil fuel burning cogeneration engines – fact is,  there will always be an environmental trade off when a cogeneration unit is applied to produce energy - energy input vs power output.
Canadian based company Global Emission Systems Inc. (GESi) provides a solution that reduces emissions by up to 99% depending on application. Each GESi is engineered and manufactured to the specification of the engine and application the Gesi is attached to with in the IMS. An option to supply power back to existing Municipal power grids expanded the original G7 concept into integrating cogeneration with mechanical equipment and providing process heating and cooling. Combined Heat and Power (CHP), integrating geothermal transfer of energy for both process heating and cooling was very possible, and provided tremendous environmental advantage in the reduction of greenhouse gases

When hind sight is 20/20 - don't look behind you for an answer.......2c3c4d

G7 is a forward thinking company with a focus on Environmental Sustainability. We are a company providing a sustainable “Greener Tomorrow.” Focused on helping our customers with saving energy and providing solutions that address their specific process requirements; as unique of a process your manufacturing requirements may demand, we can help with a measureable energy reducing solution. From emission reduction solutions, cogeneration integrated with thermal recovery and geothermal applications, custom ThermalCorp Thermal Air Handlers and equipment, engineering, Sontech Systems Inc designs, local energy incentive program assistance and complete turnkey installation commissioning and project start up and management.

The future represents many challenges but also opportunity. The outcome of the current HVAC industry on our environment is predictable; without explosive change our environment is not sustainable!      

                                                            Integration – Conservation - Sustainable

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